Start Research Process by Gathering Data on Stocks
Investors can use various service providers to get investment research and buy stocks quickly and affordably. While some information sources are accessible, some require a subscription.
Dual Class Stock?
There are two or more classes of shares in a corporation or stock with a dual-class structure, each with a unique voting privilege set. Read on to find out why companies frequently take this route and why a dual-class stock is controversial among investors.
What Is Manual Trading And How Does It Work?
Discover how manual trading differs from automated trading, and what you should look out for when deciding which style of trading to use.
What Is a Trading Demo Account: An Overview
A demo trading account is a demonstration account offered and provided by different online trading platforms to their potential customers or users
Learning About: What Is Mirror Trading?
The term "mirror trading" can also apply to imitating a successful trader's actions. These commercial currents don't compete with one another but mirror one another. Mirror trading, which is defined as the simultaneous buying and selling of the same security, is not the focus of this article.
What Is a Dealer Market? Things to Know about Dealer Market
A buyer and seller are never in a market together. Instead, the dealers' market makers carry out their (buy/sell) orders. The dealer serves as the counterparty for buyers and sellers in the secondary market known as the dealer market. Investors ready to accept the price can complete the transaction once the dealer, regarded as a market maker, sets the bid price. Thus, it ensures market liquidity.

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